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DICE, Feb 2018 – To date
Level Design Director

  • Lead level designer on Battlefield 2042
  • Primary designer on the 2019 version of the iconic MP map, Wake Island.
  • Primary designer on the largest and only Non-Linear SP level in BF5, Butcher and Bolt. The second act of Behind Enemy Lines war story. The map was later converted into an MP map.
  • Secondary designer on 3 other SP levels.
  • Primary designer on 2 CO-OP levels.

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Capcom Vancouver, April 2012 – Feb 2018
Lead Level Designer

  • Leading a team of 10 level designers on the current project. Regular 1on1 meetings and managing their career development.
  • Defined the beat chart for Dead Rising 4 which included mission structure, pacing, difficulty, weapon unlocks, boss fights and gameplay progression. This was used by various teams to understand needs of the level design team and plan their production.
  • Guided level designers by developing Minute to Minute player experience and Level layouts for most of the high intensity mission beats and boss fights.
  • Dramatically improved efficiency/ownership for designers/artists by redesigning the zombie and item placement system. Empowering designers and artists to implement their work rather than have someone else do it for them.
  • Enabled faster iteration by working with the Tools team to overhaul the editor. This involved, moving away from building everything in Maya to a in-editor instanced placement system and designing all the features that goes with it.

Crytek, April 2010 – April 2012
Senior Level Designer

  • Designed high level mission structure for Ryse
  • Supported management by creating estimates and time-lines for the level design team.
  • Scrum master for the Vertical Slice level team.
  • Primary designer on 1 and secondary designer on 4 levels. Graybox to final, set up the AI, scripted mission encounters and cinematics.
  • Beautification with art assets, particles, decals, vegetation, and terrain editing.
  • Mentoring junior level designers.
  • Optimizing multiple levels to perform on XBOX360 and PS3 at 30fps.

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Funcom, November 2006 – March 2010
Level Designer

  • Designing and building levels in 3DSMax (modelling, texturing, lighting)
  • Whiteboxing levels, which were sent to our chinese studio for in-sourcing.
  • Reviewing in-sourced levels on arrival and asserting quality standards.
  • Helping junior designers with the tools, workflow and bugs
  • Responsible for the largest indoor level in the game
  • Responsible for optimizing most of the indoor levels

Milestone Interactive, December 2003 – March 2005.

Road Rebels [Platform – PC | Engine – Renderware 3.6]
Level Designer

  • Designing and building levels in 3DSMax.
  • Helping junior designers with the tools, workflow and bugs.
  • Responsible for the largest indoor level in the game.
  • Responsible for optimizing most of the indoor levels.

Aastha Technologies, August 2002 – September 2003.

Value (J2EE middleware / server side accounting system/ERP/CRM)

  • In charge of creating the front end.
  • Responsible for the report generation feature and the Database.

Shashank Uchil

Level design, Mission design, Game Design
CryEngine 3, Unreal Ed, IdTech (Radiant)
3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop

Bachelor Degree in Physics (University of Mumbai, India, 2002)
Diploma in Programming