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Senior Level Designer

Capcom Vancouver, April 2012 – To date

Dead Rising 4

  • Defined the Hour to Hour beat chart for the entire game which was used by various teams to understand needs of the mission team and plan their production. This was updated throughout the production and included mission structure, pacing, difficulty, weapon unlocks, boss fights and gameplay progression.
  • Guided mission designers by developing Minute to Minute player experience and Level layouts for most of the high intensity mission beats and boss fights.
  • Lead multiple mission teams as creative owner making sure the missions were to the highest quality possible in the given timeframe and co-ordinating tasks between multiple departments.
  • Defined the vision for zombie composition/progression and item placement in the game. Implemented all the zombies for the open-world and did the first pass on items which served as a guideline for designers and artists.
  • Dramatically improved efficiency/ownership for designers/artists by redesigning the zombie and item placement system. The new system was much more user friendly than its predecessor, empowering designers and artists to implement their own zombies and items rather than depend on level designers to do it for them.
  • Enabled faster iteration by working with the Tools team to overhaul the editor. This involved, moving away from building everything in Maya to a more in-editor instanced placement system and designing all the features that goes with it.
  • Towards Finalization of the project, a small number of senior developers including me were chosen to form a optimization task force. This group generated daily performance reports, identified data savings and informed developers about bottlenecks.


Crytek, April 2010 – April 2012

Ryse [Platform – XBOX ONE| Engine – CryEngine 3]

  • Designed high level mission structure for entire game based on the script.
  • Responsible for shaping the story according to the internal capacities under the guidance of the Story Writer and Creative Director.
  • Worked together with the Cinematics Director to outline and analyse the cinematics needs according to level design and mission plans.
  • Supported management by creating estimates and timelines for the level design team.
  • Scrum master for the Vertical Slice level team.
  • Built the high level Vertical Slice level, which served as the foundation for the final product.

Crysis 2 [Platform – XBOX 360, PS3, PC| Engine – CryEngine 3]

  • Level designer on 4 levels in the single player campaign.
  • Designed layouts based on high level mission designs, built entire levels from greybox to final, set up the AI and scripted mission encounters and cinematics.
  • Beautification with art assets, particles, decals, vegetation, and terrain editing.
  • Mentoring junior level designers.
  • Optimizing multiple levels to perform on XBOX360 and PS3 at 30fps.

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Funcom, November 2006 – March 2010

Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer Platform – PC | Engine – Proprietary Technology
Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Platform – PC | Engine – Proprietary Technology

  • Designing and building levels in 3DSMax (modelling, texturing, lighting)
  • Whiteboxing levels, which were sent to our chinese studio for in-sourcing.
  • Reviewing in-sourced levels on arrival and asserting quality standards.
  • Helping junior designers with the tools, workflow and bugs
  • Responsible for the largest indoor level in the game
  • Responsible for optimizing most of the indoor levels

Level Designer

FxLabs, March 2005 – October 2006.

The Lost [Platform – PC | Engine – Unreal Engine 2.5]

  • Creating levels in UnrealEd.
  • Implementing scripted events and cutscenes.
  • Prototyping new game mechanics and feature requests.
  • Documenting various game systems.
  • Training teams on UnrealEd and Unreal technology.
  • Optimizing levels, models and textures created by other teams.

Milestone Interactive, December 2003 – March 2005.

Road Rebels [Platform – PC | Engine – Renderware 3.6]

  • Creating levels and models in 3DS Max.
  • Creating missions for each level using our Proprietary mission editor.
  • Defining and documenting the process for the construction of levels.
  • Creation of physics models for various objects using KAT.


Aastha Technologies, August 2002 – September 2003.

Value (J2EE middleware / server side accounting system/ERP/CRM)

  • In charge of creating the front end.
  • Responsible for the report generation feature and the Database.

Shashank Uchil

Level design, Mission design, Game Design
CryEngine 3, Unreal Ed, IdTech (Radiant)
3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop

Bachelor Degree in Physics (University of Mumbai, India, 2002)
Diploma in Programming


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